Proper Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System Inspections Can Ensure Your Restaurant Stays Up to Code

Travis Jolliff

Do you own or manage a restaurant in El Paso TX or La Cruces NM? The commercial kitchens in these establishments require the right fire suppression system in order to ensure the safety of the staff and patrons AND to remain code compliant. If your commercial kitchen fire suppression system is not kept in proper working condition, the results could be devastating.  The number one way to ensure your commercial kitchen fire suppression system continues to operate as designed and stays up to code is to have fire suppression system professionals schedule and perform regular system inspections.

An average of 7410 restaurant fires were reported in the U.S. for the 4 year period covering 2010 to 2014 resulting in loss of life and millions of dollars in property damages. Thus, having regular inspections of your commercial fire suppression system is a must. This data highlights the importance of having the right commercial kitchen fire suppression system for your restaurant as well as the need to have all required inspections performed.

Commercial kitchen hood fire suppression systems must be inspected and maintenance performed semi-annually by a certified technician, according to NFPA 17A. If your cooking methods change, you may find yourself in a situation where your existing commercial kitchen fire suppression won’t adequately protect your kitchen in a fire and it may mean that you’re not staying up to code.  Not only could you be putting your property, employees and patrons at risk, you may also significantly affect your insurance rates.

Sometimes in a busy atmosphere like a restaurant kitchen, small maintenance needs such as frayed cords or wires get overlooked, but these can cause a devastating fire. Make sure all of your electrical equipment and appliances are well maintained by looking for and fixing faulty equipment.

Inspect exhaust systems for grease buildup. The NFPA Fire Code calls for quarterly inspections of systems in high-volume operations and semiannual inspections in moderate-volume operations. Monthly inspections are required for exhaust systems serving solid-fuel cooking equipment, like wood- or charcoal-burning ovens.

Fire safety starts by training employees on the importance of good housekeeping. Make sure all employees know how to properly use a fire extinguishers. Ensure that all employees know the importance of keeping walkways and exits clear in the event of a fire.

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