Inspecting Restaurant And Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Travis Jolliff

Inspecting restaurant and commercial kitchen fire suppression systems for proper function requires more than just a visual overview or a system test. Proper maintenance from a factory authorized, trained service technician is essential for compliance and warranty.

Restaurant and commercial kitchens require their own set of safety considerations.  These facilities are a common place for open flames, high heat and potential fires. Restaurant and commercial kitchen hood fire suppression systems require a semi-annual inspection to ensure top performance and safety for employees and customers alike.

Restaurant and commercial kitchens’ responsibilities

By observing some fundamental safety rules, the risk of serious fire damage can be greatly reduced:

  • Keep all kitchen equipment free of grease build-up
  • Always run the exhaust system during appliance preheat, cooking and cooling
  • Never operate exhaust systems without filters in place
  • Never restrict air intake passages for the exhaust system
  • Never use flammable solvents or cleaners on appliances or hoods
  • Never block fire suppression discharge nozzles with pans, shelves or other objects
  • Perform regular grease removal from the hood, filters and duct system
  • Never move or reconfigure appliances without consulting an authorized service company first
  • Inspect your system semi-annually as required, with an authorized service provider

Preparation for inspection

Always make sure that all staff members have been notified of the scheduled date and time of the service and inspection. Cooking equipment must be cool and not in use prior to the inspection. Also, alert everyone present that the fire alarm must be taken out of service to avoid false alarm activation during the service and inspection period.

What to expect – the inspection and service process

The Service Technicians will perform the following:

  • Visually inspect appliance location and layout for nozzle coverage
  • Visually inspect all surface, duct and plenum nozzles
  • Verify there are no signs the system has been activated or tampered with
  • Check pressure gauges for proper PSI
  • Take system out of service to avoid discharge of agent
  • Test the detection line by cutting a fusible link
  • Change fusible links twice a year as required fire safety
  • Replace protective blow off caps as needed
  • Test proper operation of gas shutoff valve(s)
  • Test proper operation of micro switch(s)
  • Test proper operation of the remote pull station
  • Verify activation of system activates fire alarm system
  • Check for system 12 Year test dates
  • Document any discrepancies and need for repairs
  • Verify distributor emergency contact information is on system
  • Inspection and service tag properly completed and attached to system
  • Put the cooking system back into service
  • Verify the fire alarm system is placed back into operation


Upon final approval and completion of the inspection and service, your service technician will provide documentation of compliance that includes as a minimum:

  • New properly marked service tag on equipment
  • Notes of any repairs that were made
  • Notes of any discrepancies that need to be addressed
  • A Commercial Cooking System Service and Inspection Report, left on site and sent to the local fire department

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