The Bottom Line on Fire Protection And Fire Suppression Systems In Commercial Kitchens And Restaurants

September 28, 2017 Roy Williams

Commercial kitchens and restaurants are a hotbed of activity. Chefs, wait staff, managers, and many others jostle their way through these often confined spaces at top speed trying to get orders out the door. Surrounded by everything from grills and fryers to hot plates and warming trays, one small mistake is all it takes to send everything up in smoke. This is why fire suppression systems within commercial kitchens and restaurants must be a top priority for owners and operators.

Potential hazards abound in commercial and restaurant kitchens

Frayed and damaged electrical cords are common causes of fires in commercial kitchens. Often overlooked and easily ignored, these significantly increase a business’ risk of fire.

Flammable liquids and combustible materials are another common hazard. Cleaning solvents, oil, and grease, whether stored are stuck to surfaces can ignite when they come into contact with the open flames of grills or salamanders. Improperly cleaned ventilation hoods pose a considerable risk as these can contain significant fuel for a fire should a flame or an ember reach the hood. Hood fires often result in significant structural damage and are considered to be one of the greatest fire dangers in commercial kitchens.

The pile up of debris such as trash or flammable inventory that is strewn about in a poorly organized kitchen areas can lead to an outbreak of fire and make it more difficult to put out. This is even more challenging if the facility is equipped with outdated or malfunctioning fire suppression systems.

Education is the Foundation for Fire Safety

The best way to fight a fire is to prevent a fire from ever breaking out. Taking the time to train staff how to properly use kitchen equipment, how to remove debris from kitchen spaces, and most importantly, how to thoroughly clean kitchen hoods and grease traps will reduce the possibility of a fire. However, it will not eliminate it which means that in addition to prevention, staff should to be trained how to access and operate fire suppression system equipment including fire extinguishers and hoses located on the property. Indeed, OSHA requires that all staff receive mandatory training in basic fire suppression and that employers hold regular fire drills to keep their skills sharp.

Fire Suppression Systems Can Save the Day

Fires can and do happen all the time. When they do, it is critical to have functioning fire suppression systems in place that is adequate for the types of fires that may erupt within your commercial kitchen or restaurant. These systems should be in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association’s UL 300 standard. This standard ensures that everything from vegetable oil to burning fat can be extinguished quickly. Fire suppression systems should be regularly tested and routinely inspected to ensure that it is ready to go when the alarm sounds.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens should be equipped with an adequate supply of fire extinguishers that are positioned for easy access in the event of a fire. Like overhead sprinklers and fire suppression systems, these should be regularly tested and inspected to ensure they are compliant with state and local fire regulations.

Experts in Fire Suppression Systems

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