Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems Offer Benefits To Lives And Property

July 17, 2017 Roy Williams

Fires spread quickly and leave a path of destruction in their wake. Using a clean agent fire suppression system can not only help minimize the risk of personal injuries and damage the fire can cause, the system can make clean-up easier and more efficient. Clean agent systems use fire extinguishant that is nonconductive, inert, or gaseous and leave no residue when they evaporate. This makes these systems ideal for protecting human lives and everything from computers and data storage rooms to art and antiques. El Paso TX and Las Cruces NM businesses can benefit from the installation of clean agent fire suppression systems.

Speed saves lives and property

Speed is critical as a fire grows and fires can double in size for every minute they burn. Clean agent fire suppression systems can extinguish a fire in seconds. This hinders the spread of the fire and significantly reduces property damage. It also gives personnel adequate time to evacuate the area.

Clean agent fire suppression systems are safe for the environment

Systems such as the Inergen used within ANSUL systems use inert gasses including carbon dioxide or chemical agents to deprive the fire of the oxygen it needs to burn. As the fire is suppressed, these non-ozone depleting gases simply dissipate into the atmosphere where they cause no harm to the environment.

Clean agent fire suppression systems reduces the risk of flare ups

Water and other fire suppression systems such as handheld fire extinguishers that rely on dispersing dry physical agents to suppress a fire can miss embers and flames that go unnoticed. Because clean agent fire suppression systems are gaseous and disperse evenly throughout the room, there is no risk that anything that’s burning will continue to burn once the system is triggered.

Quick clean-up

Because clean agent fire suppression systems don’t rely on spraying chemicals throughout the area, this means that there is no residue to clean up and remove after a fire. This reduces clean-up costs and downtime which means the business can get back to business faster than with other options.

Clean agent fire suppression systems are safe for humans

Clean agent fire suppression systems won’t fill the room with toxic agents. However, some can pose a risk of suffocation within enclosed spaces. For this reason, the fire suppression industry has developed new gases such as Inergen which use mixtures of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, argon, etc. These mixtures create an environment where fire can’t survive, but humans can safely breathe the air and evacuate the area.

Turns the heat off

Thermal burns are one of the leading causes of fire-related injuries. These burns are caused by contact with hot objects or open flame. Clean agents help suppress the heat element thus helping to minimize the possibility of thermal burns.

Clean agent fire suppression systems offer a broad scope of protection

Clean agent fire suppression systems can be utilized in a wide range of industries including aviation, marine, industrial, IT, oil/gas production, textile manufacturing, finance, etc. It is a viable and effective solution that can protect people and products as well as it protects structures and physical valuables.

Clean agent fire suppression systems reduce insurance costs

A solid fire suppression system means your property poses less of a risk to your insurance company. This often translates into reduced premiums and lower deductibles. It is not uncommon for property owners to accrue enough savings to recoup the full cost of installation and maintenance within a year.

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