Choosing The Best Clean Agent Fire Suppression System To Meet Your Needs

December 29, 2017 Roy Williams

A clean agent fire suppression system uses chemical agents and inert gases to extinguish fires. The agents used must be approved by the National Fire Protection Association Standard for Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems. A system typically includes the agent, storage containers for the agent, valves to release the agent, fire detection system that consists of a wired control panel and actuation signals. There are also fire detectors, piped delivery agent, and nozzles for dispersing the agent. There is also a solid propellant gas generator that delivers the agent which produces either chemically active or inert gas. Learn about the different clean agent fire suppression systems to know which will work best for you.

Why Choose a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

A common fire suppression system is the water based fire sprinkler. These systems work well in suppressing a fire but will cause water damage in your server room, data center, or other areas that are susceptible to water damage. If you have materials or equipment that cannot withstand water, you may want to use a clean agent fire suppression system. This system will disperse a fire suppression agent to put out a fire without damaging your data or electronics.

Some systems use carbon dioxide which will work well in buildings where there are no people. These types of systems create an unhealthy environment and pose a risk to humans in the area so should not be used in small spaces or those where the possibility of exposure is possible. A clean agent fire suppression system is much less dangerous and prevent lower risks to the health of those in the area.

Common Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

There are different clean agent fire suppression systems to consider when looking for one to meet your needs. These include the Novec Twelve-Thirty  Clean Agent, FM-Two Hundred Clean Agent, and INERGEN Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems.

The Novec Twelve-Thirty uses a liquid created by 3M. This liquid is vaporized while it discharges to suppress a fire through cooling. The Novec Twelve-Thirty displaces oxygen around the fire to suppress it. This system requires less storage area than gas systems as it is stored as a liquid.

The FM-Two Hundred clean agent is comprised of hydrofluorocarbons and has zero ozone depletion, so it doesn’t  harm the environment or humans. The FM-200 extinguishing powers come through heat absorption and its ability to displace oxygen around a fire.

The INERGEN system uses inert gases to lessen oxygen levels and suppress the fire. The gases in this system include carbon dioxide, argon, and nitrogen. This method is safe for humans as once it is discharged, it returns to its natural state in the atmosphere.

Which is the Best Clean Agent Fire Suppression System?

Consider your needs and concerns when choosing the right clean agent fire suppression system for you. All three systems are fully capable of extinguishing a fire, and each of has its unique advantages. You may pay less for one up front, but end up paying to upgrade your area, so it remains protected. Some can be stored in smaller storage areas while the other may require more space. If you are unsure which clean agent fire suppression system will work best in your business, contact Jay L Harman Fire Equipment. For all of your questions regarding which clean agent fire suppression systems will work best for your needs, contact Jay L Harman Fire Equipment.

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